Veterans full statement relating to support for Gerard Batten and UKIP

For a number of months the veterans against terrorism group has been in talks with prominent political leaders that support Brexit and are taking a strong stand against Islamic supremacy and terrorism, VAT are well aware that the only way to achieve our aim of a peaceful and free United Kingdom is through the democratic process.

With that in mind the full committee of Veterans against terrorism met to decide a political way forward last weekend.
The full committee of VAT have come to a unanimous conclusion that the best way to achieve our mission is to support and where possible become members and activists of a political party that best reflects our mission statement, we took the decision last Saturday to support UKIP and more specifically support Gerard Batten, if he becomes interim leader of UKIP, his polices reflect the silent majority in this county. The forgotten people who pay their taxes love their country and are indeed the backbone of the UK. These are the muted and belittled voices of the UK these are our voices and we believe a revived and reformed UKIP under the leadership of Batten is the best way to have our voices heard.


This would obviously mean our support for UKIP is totally dependent on Henry Bolton either resigning or being forced to stand down as leader at or before the soon to be held EGM of UKIP, the damage Bolton would do to your party if he remains would indeed bury it and the veterans would have to look to other parties to speak for them. We hope the rank and file party members will not be swayed by the diversionary tactic being employed by Bolton and his 15 or so supporters who are blaming the UKIP NEC for his indiscretion with a racist “Glamour” model and his ill judged comments about party members that supported Anne Marie Waters bid to lead the party. The irony of these events is that Bolton’s bed fellow is a genuine racist whereas the party members that were described as “Nazis” are concerned about a fascist religious ideology that threatens the whole of western civilization.  

Veterans against terrorism have a deep desire to see unity among all parties that reflect our views and with a multiplicity of parties springing up on an almost daily basis we would appeal for political unity and a realization that a house divided against itself will fall. We have been speaking to many of the leaders of the various parties and know we are in agreement on many issues, that is why we need to see a coalition or alliance of these groups at election time to maximize the electoral impact we can achieve. This could be under a formal or informal arrangement but we must remember that every vote counts and if our groups are to achieve anything of substance we must work together and not against each other, if this is not achieved the question must be asked what or who’s agenda are you fighting for? With that in mind we reach out to all parties and their leaders that reflect our views and ask that in the future all parties will come together and agree electoral pacts that would maximize vote share in our strongest areas, this is the only way to achieve any political traction with the current electoral system employed in the UK.

On the point of unity, we have also been working with and talking to a wide range of groups that share our core objectives, we have an extremely close working relationship with the FLA (football lads alliance) and other street protest movements.
The FLA stand out as an extraordinary force for good in the country, they have thousands of supporters throughout the country and they have held the two biggest anti-extremist marches the country has ever seen, we have two veterans sitting on the committee of the FLA and were asked to provide speakers at the last event in London, this was a huge success and the welcome the veterans received from the FLA was incredible. We will continue to build our relationships with all the protest groups and organize marches and demos with them to mobilize men and women who care deeply about the future of this country.

One of the most exciting aspects of our current project is the discovery that the combined total of members of our groups is in excess of 1 million people! Bearing in mind that most of these groups launched in response to the terror attacks of last year this is an incredible achievement. That said if these groups remain isolated and not engaged in a united political battle for our nation we will achieve nothing and our nation will be swallowed up by its enemies.

So, let us join the battle and if you are a member of a group or political party push the leadership to seek unity with the other groups and parties, united we stand divided we fall.

8 thoughts on “Veterans full statement relating to support for Gerard Batten and UKIP

  1. While Farage maintains his frankly absurd views regarding islam he will continue to attract support and act as a distraction. He must be brought onside or be condemned as a quisling.

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  2. The ‘good’ people in Islam are starting to realise what they need to do to correct the bad part of the Koran.When they do this they’ll be made welcome in the rest of the world.
    Farage is ,like many of us,fully aware of the World Caliphate approach in the Koran and while that still exists,we ignore it at our peril.


  3. I feel that we should be able to achieve much more with the help of the veterans. I personally think the extra numbers and dedication will be very welcome. Ukip has struggled over recent months and it was begining to look as though many years of hard work were going to be wasted. I sincerely blieve that the new set up will be mutually beneficial. I hope that us ukippers do not let the side down.


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