Veterans are backing Batten

The leadership of veterans against terrorism, have unanimously decided to support UKIP and more specifically, one of the most senior leaders of UKIP Gerard Batten MEP. We have been in talks with Gerard Batten for several months and recently met with Gerard again and other party leaders to discuss a political way forward for the Veterans, we made our concerns clear about Radical Islam and Jihadist terror, the leaders we met listened and Gerard has just produced a policy document an abbreviated version of which is posted below. Also here is a video interview Gerard did two days ago with our good friend Luke Nash Jones!

“The summary policies laid out below are the immediate actions I would take, and my vision of the way forward.
1. Immediate actions: To appoint a new Party Chairman, and review other senior officer appointments. To cancel the new ‘Lenny the Lion’ logo, and return to the £ sign logo and ‘UKIP’, an invaluable brand established over two decades.
2. Brexit: To vigorously promote a complete and unencumbered exit from the European Union: No Article 50, no more billions paid to EU, no ‘Transition Period’, no continued open borders, and full restoration of our territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone. Brexit must mean Exit!
3. Immigration: To call for the end to the age of mass uncontrolled immigration once and for all, and for a strictly controlled and limited immigration policy that is in the national interest, and for policies that put the interests of our own citizens first in regard to public housing, benefits and the NHS etc.
4. NHS: To continue UKIP’s commitment to support the NHS. Providing adequate funding and to refocus the allocation of resources prioritising clinical staff above managerial staff; and proving a ‘national’ health service rather than an international health service.
5. Economy and Jobs: To reject the extremes of Marxist socialism and crony-capitalism. To promote economic policies that make ordinary working people feel that the economy works for them, not against them; their living standards having been reduced in the interests of enriching a global elite. We need policies to address a re-industrialisation of Britain providing jobs with a living wage for ordinary working people.
6. Housing: The lack of available and affordable housing is a major problem, exacerbated by mass immigration. We need to decrease demand by drastically cutting immigration and providing new housing; and restricting the purchase of new builds by foreign nationals for speculative purposes in our major cities is a priority.
7. Armed Forces: Our armed forces are being deliberately run down so that they can be absorbed into the EU’s planned armed forces. We need sufficient spending to restore our forces to adequate levels. They should only operate overseas where it is strictly in the national interest. We must honour the Armed Forces Covenant to properly look after ex-service men and women.
8. Law and Order: Policies that adequately punish criminals, protect the victims of crime, and support underpaid, under-resourced and overworked police and prison service officers.
9. Islam: To face up to the threat posed to our way of life by literalist and radical Islam. This means a policy of no more mass immigration from Islamic countries and policies to neutralise the influence of Islam; e.g. no more overseas funding of mosques and imams, e.g. from extremist regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
10. Party Membership: To increase our membership by adopting policies appealing to those who feel disenfranchised and unrepresented by our current political establishment; for example: the police, the military, the prison service, the ordinary law-abiding citizens, small business owners, and the victims of crime.”
Sounds like a common sense way forward to us!

7 thoughts on “Veterans are backing Batten

  1. This looks really good. If Gerard could really clear UKIP of Crowther’s Muslim 5th Column could be on to something. UKIP is Toxic at the moment, hope you can salvage something from the wreckage.

    On 26 January 2018 at 09:48, Veterans Against Terrorism wrote:

    > Churchill posted: “The leadership of veterans against terrorism, have > unanimously decided to support UKIP and more specifically, one of the most > senior leaders of UKIP Gerard Batten MEP. We have been in talks with Gerard > Batten for several months and recently met with Gerar” >

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  2. The Veterans and other groups will join in numbers if Bolton goes and Gerard becomes interim leader, this could lead to a situation where UKIP could create an upset that would make the Brexit earthquake look like a tremor!

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  3. As a member of UKIP and supporter of Gerard’s bid for interim leader I welcome your support. I agree for all you stand for in upholding the British way of life including liberty, peace and freedom. Long may you all reign, we need you!

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  4. Great; these are the aims I believe in. True fairness and respect for the law. Laws that are truly fair and even, not based on political correctness and left libralism. Repair our damaged society. Compassion but not unbridled tolerance.

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  5. Reads more like a campaigning speech to re-win the Referendum than solutions to the more complex task of implementing Brexit, which has never been properly thought through.
    This can be done successfully and the fundamental benefit of restoring our self-government achieved, but not with a strident hard line approach which will push UKIP out of the mainstream of British politics which it nearly succeeded in entering.


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